Case Studies

Not Too Hot To Handle!

A valve that would be capable of handling an abrasive product at elevated temperatures whilst maintaining an effective airlock

Converting Waste Plastics from the Ocean

An innovative customer has developed a revolutionary system for converting waste plastics, including ocean borne material into a syngas containing hydrogen. This syngas can then be used as a source of electricity or heat.

Innovative elongated Rotary Valve

Accurate feeding and filling of sachets, reduced segregation and a greater consistency in the particle distribution, which gave less variation in taste of the reconstituted beverage.

Large Valves with Atex Certification

Our 750mm rotary valve running at 12rpm could handle this volume with ease. We fitted a ten vane rotor with adjustable, abrasion resistant tips and stiffeners to provide...

Smaller Valves, Big Savings

As the customer was also replacing ancillary equipment connected to the rotary valves we explored the use of smaller valves

Aiding Product Discharge

To minimise potential sticking of product, we supplied a stainless steel rotor with scalloped pockets. The smooth, scalloped pockets ensures there are....

Iris Valve Versatility

Our design team developed a Ø500mm Slimflex which was laser cut in-house in 316L stainless steel before being assembled by our skilled team, utilising an FDA approved, food grade nylon sleeve

High Temperature Rotary Valve

Starting with our standard cast iron Rotary Valve, we included modifications to protect components from the heat. The addition of an...

High Temperature Gravity Diverter

We provided a fabricated Gravity Diverter that met both the temperature requirement and the desired divert angles. We constructed the diverter body and...

Consistent Feeding Through a Rotary Valve

Instead of the standard drop-through Rotary Valve, we supplied an offset version which will allow protruding pellets to fall back into the next pocket before they reach the pinch point.

Bone Meal Reduced Capacity and Speed

Working with our technical team, we were able to provide a solution that fulfilled both requirements set by the customer. The addition of a variable speed motor and a rotor reduced to 50% capacity

Dropout Box versus Blowing Seal

Our Blowing Seals are perfect for or this kind of application, being fully cast iron with an integral conveying trough in the Body casting and blow port connections on each end cover.

5% capacity Rotary Valve

Our Stainless Steel Rotary Valves are designed for hygienic applications. We supplied a 50mm Rotary Valve with a special rotor design.