Consistent Feeding Through a Rotary Valve

Designed to Improve Efficiency

Industry: Plastics

The problem:

  • Our customer required a Rotary Valve to consistently feed PEEK polymer without gaps in the supply flow
  • Due to the characteristics of the product, the pellets would be damaged when they reach the pinch point of the inlet.

The requirement:

  • To provide a Rotary Valve that would give a throughput of 1 m³/hr and do so consistently and without interruption.

The solution:

  • Instead of the standard drop-through Rotary Valve, we supplied an offset version which will allow protruding pellets to fall back into the next pocket before they reach the pinch point. Also supplied was an adjustable metering baffle to regulate the flow of product into the valve. The final feature added was a rotor with staggered pockets that would discharge the product at a more consistent rate.

The result:

  • The solution provided the correct throughput without needing to make transitions to fit the existing connections, avoiding additional cost.

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