Backfill Units

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty construction. Built to last.
  • Cast body & end covers
  • Precision balanced impeller
  • Various mounting options
  • Adjustable direction of flow

Backfill Units are designed to enable powdered or pelleted product to fill containers where top loading is unavailable. The Backfill unit is manufactured from a heavy-duty casting which houses a balanced impeller that rotates at up to speeds of 900rpm.

The high speed robust impeller ensures the distribution of product reaches the depths of the container c/w adjustable flap allowing controlled product flow and distribution. This allows an even fill thus minimising liner and container wear.

The fully assembled Backfill Unit sits within an acoustic enclosure and mounted on a heavy-duty support frame which also supports the motor drive system. This frame can be fully adjustable for varying container heights.

The complete system uses a series of pneumatic cylinders to extend it out to interface with the container and then retracts once filling is complete.

Various configurations are available including nitrogen or air purge systems, liner inflation and bearing purge facilities all of which can be integrated as part of the self-contained assembly.

  • Cast body & end covers for a robust assembly
  • Precision machining of components with a fully balanced impeller
  • Adjustable product directing flap
  • Adjustable horizontal positioning
  • Incorporated liner inlet clamp

The unit can be supplied mounted onto the following frame options:

  • Static – a static frame. Container reversed to machine.
  • Drive Thru – a vertically moving platform. Container driven under frame and machine lowered into filling position.
  • Mobile – forklift movable platform. Platform moved to container and bolted onto the container fittings.

Other Options

  • Acoustic hood
  • Inlet adapters
  • N2 Purge system
  • Dust extraction
  • Displaced air removal – necessary with liners
  • Pre-container liner air filling fan