We are pleased to set out below our Sustainability and ESG framework which integrates with our strategic and operational activities as well as our overall decision making.

Our Sustainability Committee meets regularly to report and monitor our initiatives and programs. Our targets are purposely meaningful and challenging and each one has an in-house champion tasked with ensuring we meet our goals. There is a focus to further develop our Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions roadmap and achieve a significant reduction in our carbon footprint – this will be reported on later in the year.

Rotolok has linked our sustainability objectives against the United Nations Sustainability Goals (SDGs) as highlighted using the numbered SDG logos.




Our Target

Climate Change

To develop our net zero plan and set our sustainability KPI’s.

Calculate our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Quantify our carbon footprint and establish baseline figures for scope 1 and scope 2. Develop a program for scope 3 assessment.


To develop our energy strategy to minimise the impacts of our operations on the environment. Collate historic and current information relating to consumption.

Establish an improved system to measure, analyse and report consumption. Prioritise initiatives that will optimise or reduce energy use, especially renewables.


To limit the use of mains water to minimise the impacts of our operations on the environment.

To reduce mains water use by 10% over the next year.

Scrap & Waste

To manage and minimise scrapping of materials and to reduce waste.

Recycle more scrap material. Reduce controlled waste disposal by 10%.

Air Quality & Noise

To take all reasonable steps to control and prevent the unlawful release of particulates, offensive odours or inflict noise nuisance from any process of our operations.

Not to be served with an enforcement notice or noise abatement notice.


To ensure our operations do not have a harmful impact on nature.

Establish a biodiversity net gain target.




Our Target

Our People & Workplaces

To engage and invest in our people to develop their knowledge and skills. To look after our people's wellbeing and for us all to act in accordance with our values.

Rollout our performance development reviews and vision and values program.

Health & Safety

To maintain a robust health and safety system and practices.

To have no accidents in the workplace.

Our Communities

To engage in a positive way with the communities within which we operate. To support approved charities with planned events and donations.

To undertake at least one community and charity event.




Our Target

Legal & Regulatory Environment

To adhere to all laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications relevant to our business.

To have no incidents of non-compliance.

Corporate Governance

To uphold good governance and for the Board of Directors to be ultimately responsible and accountable for protecting all stakeholders interests.

Review the list of policies and standards that make up the governance framework.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Policy

To have a diverse and inclusive workforce in a working environment free from discrimination.

Engage with our staff, as well as external partners, to help us become more aware of how we can make our workplace more inclusive where people of different backgrounds are valued equally

Business Ethics & Anti Corruption

To conduct all of our business in an honest and ethical manner.

To have no incidents of bribery or corruption.

Cybersecurity & Data Protection

To protect our Information Technology from attack and to comply with data protection legislation.

To have no IT or data breaches.

What our customers say

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