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Industry: Power & Energy

The Application:

  • A regular client based in Europe was constructing a new facility to process ash from an incinerator.
  • The ash would be discharged at around 450°C
  • An airlock was required to prevent air loss through the system which can lead to difficulties processing the ash

The requirement:

  • A valve that would be capable of handling an abrasive product at elevated temperatures whilst maintaining an effective airlock

The solution:

  • Our range of rotary valves are built to withstand high operating temperature and abrasive products
  • A 300mm valve was chosen and fitted with high temperature bearings, packing and protective heat-shields for the gear-motor drive
  • Our own Rotospeed speed monitoring unit was installed on an extended mounting to monitor the valve speed and to alert the operator should the valve speed fall below a pre-set level
  • Abrasive resistant steel rotor tips were installed to cope with the abrasive product

The result:

  • The valve has been working perfectly since it was installed, with the elevated temperatures not an issue

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What our customers say

"I wanted to congratulate the entire team at Rotolok on the initial sales consultation, after sales support, technical documentation and most importantly the quality and reliability of your finished product. Notably the two ATEX certified rotary valves we bought from you last year have been faultless!" Rob Rogers, Technical Director, Gough Engineering
"You delivered the first 2 rotary valves in around 3 weeks, which was not only 1 week sooner than you quoted me, but an impressive 17 weeks faster than I was quoted by a competitor of yours!!” Richard Stanton, RAS Extraction Ltd
“I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to every staff member at Rotolok for their sincere support throughout. I would definitely recommend Rotolok to be considered on our future projects where advice is sought” Mechanical Engineer, Multi-National Project Management Consultancy
"We have been working with Rotolok for many years, throughout we have been overwhelmed with the product quality and especially the communication." General Manager, Major OEM Supplier, Lithuania
“The RotoFlex Valves arrived today and I could not be happier with them!” James Saker, Maintenance Technician at DDW, The Color House
“You may not know this but I bought twenty 250 drop through seals from Dan McCauley when he first started up in the mid to late 70’s. I think I picked them up from his home near Gatwick- they are still running perfectly!!” Duncan Marston, Former Director at C Marston and Sons (Now known as Heygates, Icklingham)
"Thank you so much for the prompt response and great support as always!” Multinational Consumer Goods Manufacturer
"I was really happy about the service and the fast responses I received.” Mischa Ruf, Process Engineer, Ingelia
"The specification was exactly as ordered and the Rotolok valve worked very well in every moment of production. We appreciate the interest to deliver the perfect product for our application." Alessandro Gonzalez, Mechanical Designer, IRIS S.R.L, Italy