Converting Waste Plastics from the Ocean

Cleaning the World’s Oceans – Converting Waste Plastics 

Industry: Plastics

The application:

  • An innovative customer has developed a revolutionary system for converting waste plastics, including ocean borne material into a syngas containing hydrogen. This syngas can then be used as a source of electricity or heat.
  • They required a valve to control the flow of material into the system and the valve needed to be able to handle a range of products including pelletised and granular materials. These materials can have a tendency to jam standard drop-through valves and so a different solution was required.

The requirement:

  • A valve that could handle a range of tricky products whilst maintaining a constant feed into the main part of the process.

The solution:

  • Rotolok’s range of offset rotary valves are ideal for working with tricky pelletised and granular products of materials and required throughput our Ø200mm unit was chosen and a trial unit supplied.

The result:

  • The valve worked perfectly, so much so that another unit was ordered, and we are working with the customer to upscale the process and supply larger quantities. Rotolok are proud to be working with our innovative customers in helping to reduce waste plastics in the oceans.

Working in collaboration, creating tailored solutions, engineering to improve efficiency.

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