High Temperature Gravity Diverter

Diverting Product at High Temperatures

High Temperatures – No Problem

Industry: Power & Energy

The problem:

  • Our customer required a Diverter valve for diverting Uranium Tetrafluoride as is exits an oven in their system at 200°C.
  • Cast diverter valves are normally specified for high temperature applications, but the divert angle required was not available in the cast range of valve.

The requirement:

  • To provide a diverter valve that would function at high temperatures and meet the 45° x 45° divert angles.

The solution:

  • We provided a fabricated Gravity Diverter that met both the temperature requirement and the desired divert angles. We constructed the diverter body and flap plate in Abro 400 abrasive resistant steel which offers superior heat-strength characteristics as well as offering abrasive resistance.

The result:

  • The valve installed seamlessly within the process system and offered the desired heat resistance to operate effectively.

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