5% capacity Rotary Valve

Minimal throughput, maintained precision – Hygiene is second nature

Industry: Chemical

The problem:

  • Our customer was metering a low volume of product and it needed to be precise.
  • The product is sticky and needed a discharge aid that meets hygiene and cleanliness standards.

The requirement:

  • To find a solution that would meter the correct amount product per hour and efficiently discharge the product from the rotor.

The solution:

  • Our Stainless Steel Rotary Valves are designed for hygienic applications. We supplied a 50mm Rotary Valve with a special rotor design. The rotor was made from solid bar with two shallow grooved pockets precision machined and Teflon coated 180°apart, giving a 95% reduction on the standard capacity and meeting the customer’s needs.

The result:

  • The valve improved the efficiency of the application by precisely and consistently metering the desired volume of product.

Working in collaboration, creating tailored solutions, engineering hygienic and efficient equipment

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