Aiding Product Discharge

Improving the Efficiency in Your System

Industry: Petrochemical

The problem:

  • Our customer was feeding a carbon pigment in their system. This product can stick in the rotor pockets and not discharge effectively.
  • Failure to discharge reduces the efficiency of the valves and slows down later processes.

The requirement:

  • To supply a rotary valve that would effectively handle and discharge the sticky product.

The solution:

  • To minimise potential sticking of product, we supplied a stainless steel rotor with scalloped pockets. The smooth, scalloped pockets ensures there are no lodgement points, greatly improve the discharge of product.
  • In addition to this, pocket purging was including in the valve body close to the outlet. This system uses compressed air, at low pressure to work with the scalloping and dislodge all product ensuring efficient product flow through the valve.

The result:

  • An efficient valve, that prevents product sticking and potential throughput issues with the added benefit of reducing the downtime that was needed to clear the valve.

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