Enhanced Hygiene with Kleanloks

Enhanced hygiene with easy cleaning

Industry: Pharmaceutical

The problem:

  • Our customer was replacing a hygienic rotary valve in their system, which was handling up to 90,000 medical capsules per hour.
  • The existing valve was old and difficult to clean. They required a valve that could be quickly and easily removed for thorough cleaning.

The requirement:

The solution:

  • Given the quantity and size of the capsules, our 75mm Kleanlok was the perfect fit. Our in-house design team developed a solution that would allow for easy installation and removal. Seamlessly incorporating tri-clamp tubes at the inlet and outlet of the valve allowed the valve to be quickly and easily removed from the system without the need for hand tools to remove traditional flange fixings.

The result:

  • A hygienic valve that allows for the rotor or the complete unit to be removed for cleaning as needed.

Working in collaboration, creating tailored solutions, engineered to improve hygiene.

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