Solid Foundations

Published - 16th Feb 2023

Based in Livingston, Scotland, FoundOcean is the largest dedicated offshore construction grouting company in the world. FoundOcean’s primary area of expertise lies in securing structures to the seabed by foundation grouting. Their capabilities include forming constructions such as offshore wind farms and standalone oil and gas platforms. Their experience in structural and rehabilitation grouting for the offshore renewables and oil & gas energy sectors has seen them work on a number of unique projects and they hold the record for the deepest deployed series of freespan correction frameworks, at 4,000ft (1220m)!

At the heart of the process are a range of cementitious products from standard OPC through to ultra-high strength grouts that are mixed and pumped to the work area through FoundOcean‘s own range of equipment, and these incorporate Rotolok Rotary Valves. Our rotary valves are used primarily to supply cement to the mixing system at an adjustable rate and are incorporated within the transportable container or DNV offshore lifting frame. Installed with abrasion resistant blades, the valves must not only withstand the abrasive nature of the product being processed, but also cope with the external environment with the mixers working in challenging marine environments.

We really enjoyed working on this project and are proud to supply FoundOcean with our range of valves. We look forward to continuing to support them for many years to come.

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