Rotolok in Bloom… Thanks to Mike!

Published - 3rd Sep 2021

Mike is normally seen in the factory keeping the shop floor clean and tidy but outside of work he is a keen gardener.

In his own time – he tends to the flower beds in front of our buildings at Millennium Place and is often found at weekends at Rotolok weeding, mulching, planting and watering!

Managing Director, Sean Swales said “It is fantastic that Mike does this work and that he takes such a pride in the appearance of our premises. At this time of year, everything is out in full bloom and so many people comment about the multi-coloured display.”

Mike said “I get great pleasure in planting and seeing everything grow to look so wonderful and colourful. It is also rewarding when staff and visitors to Rotolok comment about how good our grounds look and that it is nice to see when they arrive”.

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