Rotolok Valves Cleaning the World’s Oceans

Published - 3rd Nov 2021

Rotolok have been working with an overseas customer who has developed a revolutionary system for converting waste plastics into a syngas containing hydrogen.

This syngas can then be used as a source of electricity or heat. The whole system is transportable in a 20 foot shipping container and so can be transported to where it is needed.

The in-feed to the system is a critical part of the process and Rotolok were asked to supply an offset rotary valve to fulfil this. Our robust offset valves is specifically designed handle pelletised or granular products which have the potential to jam standard rotary valves.

Our valve was chosen as it has proven success in handling difficult products and for this particular project the system would be processing waste ocean-borne plastics.

The valve has proven to be a great success and an additional unit has been ordered for another system.

Rotolok are proud to be part of such an innovative and exciting project; doing our bit to help reduce the scourge of plastic waste.

Read about the full project specification here – Read More

(Pictured below is the application containing an Offset Rotary Valve)

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