New Product! Standard Dust Collector Valve

Published - 18th Mar 2024

At Rotolok we are committed to continually develop and innovate, with products designed & built to offer maximum value to our customers.

As part of this ongoing commitment we are pleased to launch our new Standard Dust Collector Valve range.

A development of our successful Heavy Duty range of Dust Collector Valves, the Standard Dust Collector is suitable for lighter duty dust applications , with less demanding characteristics.

Ideally suited for filters, cyclones and dust collectors handling less abrasive dusts the valve features a direct drive right angle gearmotor, inboard bearings and lip seals which help to create a light unit at a very competitive price. Suitable for pressure differentials of up to 3psi the valves feature closed rotors with adjustable & replaceable tips to further increase longevity.

This new design of the Dust Collector Valve is much lighter, more compact, and universally interchangeable where inlet and outlet flanges, be it round or square, can be drilled to suit your requirement.

Complementing our existing Heavy Duty Dust Collector the new valve is available in 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm sizes.

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