Rotolok’s New Dust Collector Valve

Published - 21st May 2021

Rotolok’s New Dust Collector Valve

As a world leader in the design and manufacturer of Rotary Valves and other valve technologies, Rotolok continue to evolve by bringing new products, as well as making significant upgrades to existing product offerings, to the marketplace.

The Rotolok Dust Collector Valve has been available for many years and, being based on the well-proven standard Rotary Valve, it is suitable for all duty applications including handling abrasive dusts and friable lumps.

This new design of the Dust Collector Valve is much lighter, more compact and universally interchangeable where inlet and outlet flanges, be it round or square, can be drilled to suit your requirement. The new standard Rotolok Dust Collector Valve is suitable for the lighter duty applications with less demanding dust characteristics so perfectly complements the Original Dust Valve.

Both standard and original Dust Collector Valves are available in the same size range of 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm, covering the needs of the majority of applications.

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