Large Order For Bulk Loaders & Backfill Units

Published - 2nd Dec 2022

We have just completed the manufacturing for 30 x Telescopic Loaders and 6 x Backfill Units for a large process system.

We have also supplied units to a world leading manufacturer of polyester, fibre, filament yarn and speciality polymers, employing in excess of 4000 people. This equipment is part of a new complex they are constructing to boost production as they aim to become a leading global player in their industry.

Telescopic Loaders

The Rotolok Telescopic Loader is designed to provide a controlled and safe method of loading a range of free-flowing materials into open top containers, lorries, and ships. Robustly constructed in mild steel or stainless steel, depending on application and products being handled the telescopic loader features fully enclosed product fill and air return pathways which controls dust pluming.

Semi-automatic fill level chasing ensures quick and efficient delivery of the product. The telescopic Loader is available in a range of standard and bespoke sizes and travel lengths to suit most applications.

Backfill Units

As part of the Top Loader package our customer had a requirement to fill 40 foot containers in 6 individual loading bays. Due to headroom constraints filling from above was not possible. After discussions with our customer and the end user in Europe it was agreed that we would supply 6 dedicated Backfill Units to fill each container with PTA powder at rate of 60,000KG/hour.

As part of the design process each individual unit was to be integrated into a new dust extraction system thus eliminating product wastage, reducing dust emissions, increasing operator safety, and working conditions.

Our industry standard and proven Backfill Units are designed to enable powdered or pelleted product to fill containers where top loading is unavailable. The Backfill unit is manufactured from a heavy-duty casting which houses a balanced impeller that rotates at up to speeds of 900rpm.

The high speed robust impeller ensures the distribution of product reaches the depths of the container c/w adjustable flap allowing controlled product flow and distribution. This allows an even fill thus minimising liner and container wear.

The fully assembled Backfill Unit sits within an acoustic enclosure and mounted on a heavy-duty support frame which also supports the motor drive system. This frame can be fully adjustable for varying container heights.

The complete system uses a series of pneumatic cylinders to extend it out to interface with the container and then retracts once filling is complete.

Various configurations are available including nitrogen or air purge systems, liner inflation and bearing purge facilities all of which can be integrated as part of the self-contained assembly.

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